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Christmas 2009

Me: (to Laura’s parents) Thanks Ann and Mike! I can’t wait to use this Bass Pro Shops gift card, and I love the toy truck with the duck hunter in the back.

Christmas 2010

Me: (to Laura’s parents) Thanks Ann and Mike. A video camera. This is awesome! You shouldn’t have.

Me: (to Laura) Last year they got me a singing toy truck. This year, a video camera… upgrade!

Laura: (playing along) Last year we were just dating, this year we’re engaged. See, it has it’s perks.

Me: (Rubbing my hands together in mock greed) And next year we’ll be married… I’d better get started on my list!

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  1. Laura
    Posted December 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm | #

    You forgot to mention that not only does the truck play music (& a pretty awesome song at that) BUT…it’s also got hydraulics…how could she resist buying it for you?? 😉

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