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Just Love Dogs

I once watched a movie called¬†Must Love Dogs. It was dumb. I didn’t like it.

That said, I do love dogs. Especially puppies.

The other day I read a story and was taken back to when my Indie was just an ornery, plump puppy. If you love dogs, I think you’ll like this picture-perfect description of puppyhood….

“When that dog came through the door he had three things going for him; a wagging tail, a rough, wet tongue; and an eagerness to say hello to everyone he met.

“It was like just meeting you made his day. He quivered with excitement. Rolled over in submission. Nuzzled up so’s the warmth of his body came soothing to your heart through the skin of your ankle. So you picked him up. That’s the way with love. It’s contagious.

“And you stood there holding this pup close to your cheek, smelling that last-night’s-ice-cream-carton-smell of him, your fingers sunken into his soft belly, woven through his silken fur, when across your face goes that rough, wet tongue.

“What you had in your hands was absolute, non-diluted, ever-growing, non-demanding, can’t-live-without-you, take-me-wherever-you-go, hurry-back-when-you-leave love.”

With traits like these, how can you not just love dogs?

To read the whole story go to Field & Stream by clicking here.

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