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Great Uncle Reid

In 2003 I had an idea.

Realizing my fortune to have come from a family of story-tellers, and seeing how the greatest generation was starting to get along in years, I asked my Great Uncle Reid (one of the greatest storytellers of the lot) to write or recite a couple dozen of his favorite yarns so that I might collect, illustrate and assemble them into a book, so that these tales of family lore might never be lost or forgotten.

He balked at my first request. And my second, third and fourth.

But one day, months later, when I called him with the intention of prodding him for the fifth and final time, he told me that he’d been busily producing pages and pages of stories. Additionally he’d found a friend to type his manuscript and he’d contacted a local publisher about a small run print job.

A couple of months later at an Atkinson family gathering, he presented each family with a printed and bound book of his collected Chronicles, complete with photographs. He thanked me for my persistent requests.

I thanked him for his hard work.

And for stealing my thunder.

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  1. Ruth Anne Henault
    Posted January 20, 2011 at 3:47 am | #

    Thanks Aaron – I was just thinking of them a few minutes ago, before doing a last check here for the day.

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