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HairDo Ponder

After a working dinner the other night, four of us stood in a loose circle in the parking lot making some final, pre-departure small talk. A comment about mustaches morphed into a light-hearted banter about the popular 1980s-era hair style, the mullet.

Larry: A mullet? What’s that?

Me: You know what a mullet is… business in the front, party in the back.

Larry: No, no I don’t.

Me: (gesturing across the circle towards Donna) Well, you owe it to yourself to see one in action. Donna lives out in the sticks where some folks are still stuck in 1981. You should follow her home to Eudora.

Donna: The sticks!? Eudora is a budding, rural alternative that perfectly splits the distance between Lawrence and Kansas City. You won’t find any mullets in the town where I live!

Me: Not the sticks? A budding rural alternative? No mullets?

Donna: That’s right.

Me: Guys, you’re going to want to¬†mull it over very carefully before you believe those lies.

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