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Let’s Make a Deal

Apple recently announced that they’ll soon be launching their iPad 2. About six months ago my coworker purchased himself the original iPad. The other night at dinner he told me this story.

My son Alex came to me today and wanted to have a talk about my iPad…

Alex: Dad, a savvy, successful, hi-tech businessman like you deserves nothing but the best.

Doug: Thanks Al. What do you want?

Alex: Well, I saw Apple’s announcement about the iPad 2 and immediately you came to mind as a guy who needs to have it.

Doug: I already have an iPad, Al.

Alex: Yes. But you don’t have an iPad 2. Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade?

Doug: (getting wise to the game) Then what would I do with the iPad I already have, Al?

Alex: Well Dad, I’d be happy to do you the favor of buying it from you. You know, to relieve the financial burden of your upgrade.

Doug: That’s awfully nice of you, Al. As you know, it cost me six hundred dollars. How much were you thinking you’d like to buy it for?

Alex: I haven’t given it all that much thought. But since you ask, let me float a ballpark number out there.

Doug: How much?

Alex: Forty dollars.

Doug: Forty dollars, hey? That’s mighty generous of you Al.

Alex: Oh, and Dad.

Doug: Yes Alex?

Alex: I’m going to need to borrow forty dollars.

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