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Top Shelf

My cousin Dave, the tomato blogger, has three adorable children. Because we live, as the crow flies, almost 1,700 miles apart, I’ve only met his young family a couple of times. But twice is enough to know that Henry, 6, is smart, funny and cool.

I keep the pictured hockey puck on top of a shelf at work. It reminds me of Canada. But the other day I happened to look at it and it reminded me of Henry.

When we last saw each other I asked Henry what his favorite sport was. The following interaction ensued…

Henry: Hockey.

Me: And which team is your favorite?

Henry: The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Me: Hey, mine too!

Me: Do you play hockey, Henry?

Henry: Yeah. In the street with my friend Jonah and my Mum.

Me: Are you any good?

Henry: Yeah. We make Mom play goalie. She saves a lot, but whenever I want to score, I can.

Me: How’s that?

Henry: (leaning in close, whispering and with an eyebrow raised) She can never save it when I go top shelf.

Sorry for sharing your secret Henry, hopefully your Mom doesn’t read this blog.

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  1. Posted March 17, 2011 at 12:05 pm | #

    I’d recognize that boy anywhere.

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