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Not So Shore

Laura’s guilty pleasure is the show Jersey Shore. Snooki, Vinny, Ronnie, The Situation, they’re her kind of people. As luck would have it, my company’s corporate headquarters are in New Jersey and the other day Laura and I were talking about the prospects of relocation.

Laura: Is there a chance that someday we will have to move to New Jersey for your job?

Me: I suppose. Anything is possible. But the chances are pretty slim.

Laura: So there’s a slight chance?

Me: I guess there’s always a chance.

Laura: If we move there we have to live on the boardwalk, and like Snooki, I’ll have to start calling you Guido. Also, I’ll need to work on my hair poof and I’ll definitely need a lifetime membership to the tanning salon.

Me: Hmm, that doesn’t sound all bad.

Laura: Oh, but you’d have to start your day off with GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) and by polishing your white sneakers with 409. Oh, and don’t forget about t-shirt time.

Me: GTL? 409? On second thought…chances just got a whole a lot slimmer.

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