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Not Lovin’ It

McDonald’s has been advertising their frozen strawberry lemonade a lot lately, and rightfully so, it’s hot. So the other day as Laura and I cruised up to our local Mickey D’s with $2 left on a birthday giftcard, we were both looking forward to trying the new frozen treat.

Teleprompter: L O and welcome to MicDunald’s. May I take yur order?

Me: You may. One large frozen strawberry lemonade please. That’ll be all.

Teleprompter: Anyting else?

Me: Uh. No.

Teleprompter: $2.38. First window.

As we pull up I hand a woman the giftcard and a dollar bill so that she can make change. A few moments later she hands me back the giftcard.

Me: I don’t want this giftcard back. You were supposed to use the giftcard and make change with the dollar bill.

Woman: No. $2.38. Next window.

Me: (At this point I’m a little peeved) Nope. Take back the giftcard and give me my change.

Woman: I no no. Next window.

I decide the 62 cents isn’t worth the math lesson. I smile at her and drive ahead to the next window where we collect our frosty beverage and pull away.

Me: (to Laura) That was rough. What am I going to do with a 62 cent giftcard?

She shrugs her shoulders, takes a sip and passes it over.

It’s sour. But not like lemons. After another sip, it hits me… it tastes like pickles.

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