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Grill Marks

As you may have read, the grill of my Ford suffered severe damage this hunting season thanks to a low flying hen pheasant. The impact of her body punched such a tidy hold in the plastic that it was almost as if she’d pushed out the carved mouth of a jack-o-lantern. When we stopped to hunt, the damaged piece was neatly wedged against the cooling foil on the front of my car. Not wanting to litter, I tucked the plastic honeycomb under my seat.

During a particularly dry meeting at work today I got to thinking about replacing the grill. However, it dawned on me that instead of investing $80 in a new one, I might first try using the damaged pieces to repair the existing unit. So this evening I mixed up a couple tubes of JB Weld and put the puzzle back together.

You’ll have to agree, it looks better than it would have had I used duct tape!

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