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While driving to work on Thursday I thought to myself that it’s been a while since I’ve had a leaky tire. For a couple of years, I had to patch my tires every few months as I drove over rusted nails that littered the street outside a construction area on my route to the office.

On Friday, I started my car after eating lunch at home and noticed that my low tired pressure light was glowing. I walked around my car looking for the soft tire, and when I rounded my front bumper, I saw it. My front right tire was totally flat, punctured by an inch long dagger of sharp concrete.

Instead of putting on the spare to drive the tire to be patched. I decided to try and inflate it enough to try to make it to the repair shop.

While my little gamble worked, as I bobbed up and down on my manual hand-pump designed for bicycles, sweat dripping from my brow, I realized that I should have paid closer attention to my premonition and purchased an electric pump.


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