© 2011 Aaron Atkinson

Check That

With a packet of fishing hooks and a couple of bobbers, I stand in line at the checkout at my local Bass Pro Shops. There’s an elderly woman in front of me with a small basket of items she’s purchasing. The cashier rings her up and instead of reaching into her purse for cash or a credit card, she pulls out a checkbook. After another minute of watching her dig for a pen, and begin to write a check, I get impatient and move into the line next to me.

I smile at the woman in front of me. Her purchases are being scanned. She was watching granny and saw me move over. With a grin and a shake of my head I whisper, “checks!”

The cashier tells her, “That’ll be $12.95.”

The woman pulls her checkbook from her purse. She shoots me a venomous look mutters haughtily, “there’s nothing wrong with writing a check young man.”


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