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Hello Kitty

Laura and I recently ate dinner with my cousin, his wife, and their three young girls. At four, the youngest is smart, playful, yet somewhat inarticulate. You know the type. Some children cutely extend their Os and Ws. Some pronounce Ms that sound like As. And my cute little second cousin tends to pronounce Ks that come out like Ts.

All this is well, good and cute the majority of the time, but it wouldn’t take much imagination to think of a few instances where such mispronunciations could cause some confusion.

This came to fruition when we were told that her favorite event of the day had occurred that morning when she went next door to play with her friend Taties titties.

My look of bemusement was cleared up when her dad, my cousin, explained that young Katie next door had a couple of kittens that the girls loved to play with.

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