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Art in Motion

We go to church with a beautiful and talented artist….

Laura: (whispering in the lobby before the service) How long does it typically take you to complete a painting?

Alison: It depends. Sometimes it comes easily and I can breeze through one in about four hours. Other times though, it’s hard and I’ll labor over it for days and never quite feel like it’s done.

Laura: Makes sense.

Me: Sometimes you just find that zone, hey.

Alison nods.

I’d just finished my weekly Sunday morning bike ride. My longest yet, 28 miles. That morning I felt great. I’d ridden a couple of times during the week, so I hadn’t lost any endurance. And the night before I’d eaten spaghetti. I remember watching hockey as a kid and listening to the players say they ate a lot of spaghetti before a game. Whatever it was, it worked and it felt wonderful.

Me: It’s funny how art reflects life, isn’t it? Just this morning I found that sweet spot on my bike and I breezed through a 90-minute ride.

Alison: Awesome. Sounds like a beautiful thing.

It was indeed.

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