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This Ain’t No Dairy, Kid

You read it here first. Laura and I are adding a new member to our family. On January 27, we’re going to pick up our new Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Last weekend we drove out and met our new pup, now five weeks old and the size of a block of Velveeta cheese. While we were there, she, and her six siblings clamored all over their mother to be the first in line for dinner.

She was very cute and we’re both excited to have her.

On the car ride home, we started talking about Indie.

Laura: How do you think Indie will do?

Me: The pup may take a bit of getting used to, and Indie will probably show her that she’s in charge a couple of times, but in the end, they’ll be buddies.

Laura: I hope you’re right.

Me: Plus the pup will be small enough that a bit of Indie’s maternal instinct may kick in.

Laura: (thinking for a moment) You don’t think that the pup will try to nurse off Indie, do you?

Me: (chuckling) No. But that would be funny. Indie wouldn’t know what to make of that.

Laura: She’d probably growl at the pup, doggie language for, “This ain’t no dairy, kid.”

I laugh. So does Laura.

Then we pause, both thinking ahead.

Laura breaks the silence.

Laura: With her black and white fur, Indie does kind of look like a dairy cow.

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