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My Dressy Jeans

On my way to visit clients in New Mexico, I call the coworker I’m presenting with…

Me: Are you planning to wear a tie tomorrow?

RH PhD: No. But I am wearing my dressy jeans for some phone-based media interviews I’m giving today.

This strikes me as strange. What do I care what he’s wearing for his phone interviews? But I’m intrigued enough to play along.

Me: Your dressy jeans, hey?

RH PhD: Yep. Their not blue. They’re black.

Me: Your black jeans are your dressy jeans?

RH PhD: Sure are.

Me: I was in the mall the other day and there was a pack of teenagers. They were all wearing black shirts and black jackets. They all had long, black hair, black eye-liner, and painted black fingernails. They wore black shoes, black socks, and black jeans. And let me tell you, these jeans looked anything but dressy.

RH PhD: Well I’m also wearing my dressy polo.



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