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Do the Crime, Serve the Time

Laura and I watched a bit of the Flyers/Penguins playoff game last weekend. It was pretty clear that these two teams don’t like each other one bit. There were seven game misconducts and 130 penalty minutes in a game that only takes 60 minutes to play.

During yet another fight…

Laura: This is so violent. All they’re doing is fighting.

Aaron: They don’t like each other very much. And it’s game three. The pot has had a few days to boil.

Laura: What happens when they fight?

Aaron: They either get a penalty, or they get kicked out of the game.

Laura: And when they get a penalty, they have to go and sit on that little bench in the trouble box, don’t they?

I smile and raise an eyebrow.

Aaron: They  have to sit where?

Laura: In the trouble box. Isn’t that what it’s called?

Aaron: It sure is, hon.

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