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Chocolate, Bar

My partner in crime at work is on a two week vacation in Spain. He asked me to call him yesterday, and he gave me his international phone number. I had to make the call from his office, as mine isn’t set up for international dialing. So I unlocked his office and placed the call.

It’s well known by everyone in our group, that when my coworker is in town, it’s worth paying him a visit in his office. For not only is he full of useful information and answers to our profession’s toughest questions, but he also keeps a well supplied assortment of candies and chocolates on his desk.

When I unlocked his door and turned on his office light, it was like ringing the dinner bell for the department. For a moment, there was even a short line out the door.

Anyway, back to the phone call. My call went through and we got down to business. At one point I stopped to ask if he could hear me, as it was awfully loud on his end.

“Yep, I can hear you. Sorry about the background noise, I’m sitting in a Spanish bar with my wife. Oh, and you should know that while you’re there working away, I’m leaning back in my barstool and drinking a Guiness.”

Moments earlier as I was dialing, I was feeling kind of guilty. I don’t like it when people call me on my vacation, and I try to Golden Rule this practice.

But when my Spanish friend send that rocket across the bow, I couldn’t help myself, and my retort was simply, “That’s ok, Doc. Enjoy your bar and your drink. Oh, and you should know that I have my feet up on your desk and I’m enjoying a mouthful of your chocolates.”

I could hear him smiling through the phone. “No problem. Help your self, Double A. Oh, just remember to lock the door behind you when you leave.”

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