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As per usual the dogs were wrestling on the shag carpet this evening. Laura had had enough.

Laura: That’s it! If you don’t stop horsing around, I’m going to put one of you on Craigslist!

Laura: Free to a good home.

Laura: Purebred Cocker Spaniel.

Laura: Female.

Laura: Blonde.

Laura: Six months old.

Laura: Knows how to sit.

Laura: Potty trained.

Laura: Loves her crate.

Laura: Super sweet and lovable.

Me: And demon possessed.


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  1. Laura
    Posted June 21, 2012 at 3:10 am | #

    She didn’t flinch at my Craigslist threat or my threat that she was going to find herself living in the back of the ice cream truck that has been frequenting the neighborhood. She was a born rebel.

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