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Programming Perspective

Last Sunday evening. About 6:45 p.m. I’m working in the kitchen. Laura is in the living room channel surfing.

Laura: There’s nothing on TV! There’s been nothing on all day!

Me: Really? What’s not on?

Laura: Some basketball game*, golf**, a soccer game***, the end of the Royals game**** and a car race*****.

Me:¬†Nothing on?!? It sounds like there’s plenty on, let’s just wa….

Laura: What’s that Lola? You want to watch another episode of¬†Gossip Girl on Netflix? Ok!

Me: (Frown.)



* NBA finals game three

** U.S. Open final round

*** EURO 2012

**** Royals beat Cardinals in 15 innings

***** Earnhardt Jr. wins Nascar race


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