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Ken Doll

At church today I sat between Laura and a beautiful, steely hair, auntish woman. In vivid detail she told us all about how the Kindle she’d bought from Amazon had broken due to a leaky battery and how she’d had to return it.

Maybe it as to do with misinterpreting a bit of the midwestern accent, but I’ve always thought that folks here pronounce “Kindle” in a way that sounds more like “Ken Doll.” So when she finished, I told her that she didn’t seem like the type of lady who still enjoyed playing with Barbie and Ken-Dolls. ┬áIt was a bad joke. And it hit with a dull thud.

Auntie J: I’m sorry?

Me: Oh no, I was just making a joke about how your Ken Doll broke.

Auntie J: Oh, I get it. I’m a little slow on the draw this morning.

She pauses and looks through me.

Auntie J: I really am sorry, you know.

Me: No, no, no, it was my fau….

Auntie J: (smiling, interrupting): Oh I wasn’t talking to you, hon. I was talking to Laura. Laura, if this is his humor, I really am sorry.

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