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Bobbing for Puppies

The other evening, we brought Lola with us when we went to visit Laura’s parents. It was a warm and breezy as we sat and chatted on the patio next to the pool. Lola sniffed around, tip-toed over to the edge of the pool, and pretended she was much larger than her 20 pounds as she wrestled with the resident pooches.

During a break in the conversation I got up, called Lola, and jogged around the pool with our little cocker chasing after me.

Charlie, the Golden Retriever was running behind Lola, and it was clear that she didn’t like being pursued. On the far side of the pool, she turned to peek a glimpse at Charlie at just the moment when she should have been looking straight ahead. For if she had been looking where she was going, she would have seen the in-ground hot tub that she would have otherwise avoided.

I didn’t see her go in.

But I heard her splash!

I turned around to see her bob back up to the surface, eyes as wide as saucers. Though it was her first time swimming, like most dogs, Lola came out of the box with that feature build-in and she calmly paddled to the edge of the tub.

When I fished her out, she was soaked through and through. With all of her hair matted down, there was no pretending about her size when she went back to harassing Charlie.



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