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She’s Got the Look

At home Lola thinks she rules the roost. She’ll bite Indie and jump all over us. She’ll jump on the coffee table, steal a mouth-full of Indie’s food, and she’ll scale the baby-gate that supposed to keep her quarantined to the main level. In a word, she’s still a twerp.

But around other dogs and people, she’s a different dog. She’s a chicken. The dog whisperer would call her poorly socialized. I’d say it’s nonsense, she’s well-socialized, she’s just a pansy.

On our daily walk the other night, we caught up with our neighbor who has a pair of pink-collared shih-tzus. Indie, tail wagging, gave each pooch a sniff then let our neighbor give her a pat on the head. All the while, Lola cowered behind Laura.

Laura: Lola, say hello.

Neighbor: Oh, she’s so cute! I remember when she was just a tiny thing.

Laura: Yeah, they grow up fast. But for some reason this one grew up shy.

Neighbor: It’s ok.

Laura: I suppose. But with as nervous as she is, I’m afraid that people are going to think we lock her in the basement and beat her.

Neighbor: (Smiling and laughing, with a heavy dose of sarcasm) You’re right, dear. When I see you coming the first thing I think is ‘oh no, here comes the hitter!’

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