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Feels like Falling

Even if only for a few days, the record setting summer swelter has relented it’s grip. Temperatures that neared 110 degrees a couple of weeks ago, are now topping out in the 80s. The glaring, pounding sunshine that crisped our lawn has been overshadowed by steely, layered clouds. Winds that blew sauna-dust from Oklahoma have shifted and now blow hard enough from the north to rustle the wilting leaves. Those winds have blown in more than cool temperatures, they’ve blown in the feelings of autumn.

All of a sudden it feels more like Hawkeye weather and less like Royals weather. More like apple orchards, pumpkin patches and scarecrows and less like barbeques, sweetcorn and swimming pools. More like cider and less like lemonade. More like mums and less like lilies. More like pie and less like ice cream. More like Thanksgiving and less like Independence Day. More like sweaters and less like shorts. More like harvest and a lot less hot.

All of these feelings blew in on a breeze from the north on a cool, cloudy, August afternoon.

And I say, let it blow.


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