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Soggy Odds

It’s dry here. It’s been dry all summer. I bet it’s dry where you are, too. But there’s a hurricane down south. They say we’ll get some rain out of it as it sputters north. But we’re right on the western edge. It may miss us completely. A forecast I saw today predicted less than an inch in Kansas City, and up to 10 inches a state away in St. Louis.

But who knows, unless you’re a farmer, you can’t spend too much of life worrying about the weather.

It’s like my friend Ed once told me… “Weathermen are full of crap with their 10%, 30%, 70% chances of rain. The truth is much simpler – everyday there’s a 50% chance of rain. Either it will, or it won’t.”

Makes sense, but it fails to explain why it hasn’t rained a drop in weeks.

It’s dry here. It’s been dry all summer.

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  1. auntie
    Posted September 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm | #

    It is raining here in guelph right this minute. Rainy days have been far enough between that it still feels really good to type “it’s raining here”
    But then, I am still a farmer, somewhere in my DNA 🙂

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