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Naked Dogs

A few weeks ago Laura and I helped to sell hotdogs, sausages, nachos and brats at a church fundraiser. Patrons could get their tube sausages straight up or dressed with grilled onions and sauerkraut. Working the front of the shop, I’d take the order and the money, and I’d shout the order over to the guys on the grill.Onions and Kraut atop the meat elicited an order for “loaded.”

No onions and kraut meant that I barked an order for “foot-long naked sausages.”

Or at least it did until I saw the church ladies blush and snicker. Laura whispered that I might want to change the name to something a little more PC than “naked” when referring to no onions and kraut.

So I modified my vernacular. But “foot-long sausage in it’s birthday suit” just didn’t have the same ring.

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