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Fishy, Ducky, Smokey

A few months ago I told you a story about Dennis, Gunner and the hooded merganser. You can read it here.

Last week you may have read the story about Tim giving his ducks to an Asian friend. It’s available for a read here.

These two stories converge here.

Tim: We shot a couple of gadwalls, a teal and a drake merganser.

Me: Mergansers. Yummy! Their fish eating lifestyle leaves them tasting like a can of rotten sardines.

Tim: I wouldn’t know. I gave them all away. You should have seen my buddies eye’s light up when I gave him that duck. He smiled and said, “I love mergansers! They taste like duck and fish all at the same time!”

Me: Sick.

Tim: Yep. But I wouldn’t know. To me they tasted just fine.

Me: Let me guess… spicy tuna?

Tim: Close. Smoked salmon.

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