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Banker’s Hours

Laura works for a bank and as such she gets ten bank holidays each year, compared to the six holidays my company yields. A couple of weeks ago, she had a Monday off for President’s Day. We were at Sunday family dinner and the holiday topic came up. I had to work the next day, and so did Tim, her cousin’s husband.

Tim: The vacation schedule at my company is terrible. Maybe I should change careers and work for a bank.

Me: Tomorrow while I’m at work, I’ll be thinking the same thing, Tim.

Tim: Do you need any special skills or training to get a bank job?

Me: Probably for some jobs, but like any profession there are probably some jobs where if you can count, spell and talk you could probably start tomorrow.

Laura: Actually, there’s no way you can start tomorrow.

Me: Oh really, why not? Is the job too sophisticated for us schmucks?

Laura: No not at all, it’s just that everyone at the bank will be on holiday tomorrow!

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