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The Corner Pocket of Doom

There are times when I find myself lacking a certain object. Pockets can only hold so many sticks of gum, so many pens, so many bottles of water, so many cell phones and so many credit cards. The nice thing is that if I’m in need of something I don’t have, my lovely wife will usually have something that will work.

This little arrangement works out perfectly if she goes to her purse to retrieve what I’m looking for, but it’s always a risk to ask. Sometimes she’ll be busy with something else and instead of producing the item I’m lacking, she’ll utter five little words that strike fear in my heart – grab it from my purse.

You see, I’m a patient fellow, but the same ample space that houses countless useful items also contains enough useless junk and receipts that it’s dreadful to search through. Having undertaken the great expedition for the needed something more than once, I’m convinced that the corner pocket of Laura’s purse is where gum, pens, water, phone and credit cards go and are lost for eternity.



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