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Monday Off

If you’re fortunate enough to have a job that gives you vacation days, I’ve got an important piece of advice for you.

Fridays are a great day to take off of work. They equate to a three-day weekend, they make Thursdays a lot more special and the work week flies by 20 percent faster.¬†But having said that, I’ve discovered something even better than taking Friday off of work – taking Monday.

Taking Friday off means that you’re missing out on what is already the best work day of the week,¬†whereas Monday, conversely, is often the worst. Coworkers and clients tend to be happy and upbeat on Fridays, on Mondays, not so much. And while Fridays off make Thursday night more enjoyable, Monday off makes the entire day on Sunday a lot more special.

Mondays – take them off, put on your straw hat and lei, ride your stick pony and enjoy!




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