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That Ain’t No Bull

After a full day of meetings, most of which involved highly technical and rather controversial dialogues, we were all pretty worn out. So to blow off some steam, we left our hotel and walked over to Universal City to have dinner at the Saddle Ranch Chop House.

We sat at a horseshoe shaped table and after we’d ordered our food, the head hostess came back over and invited us to ride their mechanical bull.

A murmur of refusal swirled around the table and most of my peers avoided eye contact with the hostess in the same way that naughty school kids avoid eye contact with a questioning teacher.

Her eyes finally landed on me. “How about you?” she asked.

The goading began. “Go for it Double A.” “Let’s see what you’ve got!” “Pretend you’re back in Canada and it’s a big, angry moose.”

Our hostess smiled and gestured towards the mechanical beast. “What do you say? Won’t you ride our bull?”

“I’m afraid,” I responded, “that after spending all day with these guys, I’ve had enough bull to last me a lifetime.”

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