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Glad It’s Spring

It seems like every year at about this time I write a blog post about something that’s both incredibly simple and incredibly wonderful at the same time. That simply wonderful thing is grass. Last year I wrote two posts on the topic. If you’d like, you can read one here, and the other here.

My drive into work this morning got me thinking about the grass. We’re in the midst of a cold, rainy spell and the steely grey clouds hung low this morning. Against the low, diffused light of the dreary sky, the wet grass seemed to beam in it’s green glory. In fact, today the brightness of the grass outdid the vibrant spring flowers and the blossoming pink, red and white fruit trees. As I walked from my car into the office in the blustery, blowing rain, I couldn’t help but to stop for a moment to soak in the glorious green of spring grass.

Wherever you live, one day this spring may you have a wet, grey, solemn day that’s made just a little bit brighter by the glow of a well-fed, well-mowed, well-loved spring lawn.


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