© 2013 Aaron Atkinson

Lola the Minnow

In our house, the upstairs office is connected to the Jack & Jill bathroom which is connected to the spare bedroom. In total there are four doors between them.

This evening, Lola scampered upstairs and nudged the office door open, she then poked the bathroom door open, and then she squeezed her way into the spare bedroom.

I called to her as I was headed back downstairs. No response.

I called again. Still nothing.

So I poked my head through the open office door – no Lola. Then I poked my head through the open bathroom door – no Lola. Finally I peeked into the spare bedroom and there was Lola, sitting patiently at the closed door to the hallway that would have led her back to me.

Like the minnows we used to catch in our wire basket trap, Lola found her way downstream, but then a few seconds elapsed and she couldn’t find her way back. So she did the only thing she could think to do, sit and wait by the only door she couldn’t wedge her chubby little body through.

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