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Picking Pizzas

Last weekend Laura and I watched my cousins three daughters for a night…

Me: Okay girls, let’s play a game. The winner gets to make their pizza first.

Girls: Yesss! We love games.

Me: Good. This one’s easy. Just pick a number between 1 and 100. The closest guess wins. Maly, you’re first.

Maly: Twenty three.

Alison: Fifty six.

Pari: One hundred and thirty seven.

Me: Peri, 137 is higher than 100. Go ahead and pick again.

Pari: Oh, okay. (Her big brown eyes flash to the ceiling as she thinks.) One hundred and four!

Me: Well my number was 89. Pari, I don’t know how, but you win.

Pair: I know. Now where’s that pepperoni?

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  1. karen
    Posted April 7, 2013 at 1:52 am | #

    Did you every write that blog about whatever it was you were threatening me with? It couldn’t have been that funny – I can’t even remember what it was. P.S. I can really identify with the Door to Door Offending!

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