© 2013 Aaron Atkinson

They Come in Threes

7:12 – Set mug of green tea into the cup holder of car.

7:13 – Drop keys with a splash into cup of green tea. Keys sink to bottom. Fish keys out.

7:14 – Go back in house. Pour rice into ziplock baggie. Get back into car. Drive to work.

7:28 – Park and walk 150 yards into the office directly into the teeth of flag-stretching north wind.

7:31 – Discover that access badge is still in car. Walk back to car with wind at back.

7:33 – Grab badge from console and repeat the tooth-chattering walk.

7:37 – Settle into office. Fire up computer. Put keys into bag of rice to dry battery.

8:00 – Open bottom drawer of desk. File paperwork.

8:13 – Print document.

8:14 – Get up from chair to retrieve document from printer. Bash shin on open desk drawer.

8:15 – Limp to copy machine. Grab bandage from first aid kit on wall.

8:16 – Sit back down at desk. Roll up pant leg. Wonder how there could be so much blood.

8:20 – Stop bleeding. Apply bandage. Smile – that makes three bad things. Enjoy the reminder of a very fruitful day.



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