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A Dog’s Life

Sometimes I wonder if our dogs think they’re in charge. And as I wonder, I start to believe that we give them many reasons for believing in this role-reversal. Here are five ¬†examples…

1. I’m almost certain that Indie believes we pheasant hunt for her enjoyment. As the seasons pass and I share in her sheer joy and anticipation, she might be right.

2. When we go on walks, our dogs always insist in taking the lead. We’re their anchors. On our walk tonight, Laura and I noticed that compared to Indie’s smooth, athletic gait, Lola’s little tush seems to wiggle and sway with each little step taken. Those dogs have no idea if my tush wiggles more than Laura’s when we walk.

3. During the day our dogs lay around like a pair of queens while we work like slaves earning them paper which we trade for puppy chow and chew toys.

4. Last weekend before I mowed the backyard, I picked up a dozen doggy land mines. As I straightened up from another lower back bend, I looked up and saw both dogs sitting on the stoop watching me. I’m certain I saw Lola smirk.

5. When I travel for business, taxis drive me around the city. I’ve come to enjoy sitting in the back, relaxing and taking in the sights while being transported around town. Indie and Lola have never driven us anything but crazy.

I’m sure there are more, but as I write this, Indie’s standing next to me, a ball in her mouth, her tail thump, thump, thumping against the corner of the desk.

I’ve got to go play fetch with my master.

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