© 2013 Aaron Atkinson

Princess Problems

We’re out with friends. The girls are chatting amongst themselves. Names are hidden to protect the innocent (and the guilty)…

Wife: I wish happy hour would start an hour earlier.

Wife: Me too! And I wish they had more vegetarian options on the menu.

Wife: Ohmygosh you’re right. Ooh, but I love your tan. I wish I tanned better.

Wife:┬áThis tan is nothing compared to your watch. It’s beautiful. My husband never buys me nice things.

Wife: Don’t get me started, I haven’t gotten flowers in months!

The din of our good names being dragged through the mud pulls us away from a conversation about how bad the Royals stink.

Husband: Holy smokes. You guys have some serious princess problems going on.

Wife: No we don’t. These are real problems that we’re dealing with.

Husband: You’re right. Your first-world problems are on the same plane as infant mortality and slums in India.




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