© 2013 Aaron Atkinson


Laura backhands me in the stomach. Then she grabs me in a tight bear-hug.

Me: That slap hurt. What are you doing?

She’s still squeezing me.

Laura: I’m wrestling you.

Me: I don’t want to wrestle. Whenever I fight you back you always end up getting hurt.

She releases her grip.

Laura: That’s because you don’t play fair. You wrestle with me like I’m Tim.

Me: I do not. I don’t even know what wrestling with Tim is like. We haven’t wrestled or fought in almost 20 years.

Laura: Seriously? You stopped wrestling with Tim when you were 12?

Me: Yes.

Laura: How come?

Me: Have you seen Tim? When I was 12 I decided that I’d rather live than wrestle with him.

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