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Serious Baggage

Laura: The boys at work saved your bacon today.

Me: How’s that?

Laura: I was one click away from ordering a new bag.

Me: That doesn’t sound too bad.

Laura: It cost $200.

Me: Holy smokes. What kind of gold plated, diamond encrusted, designer brand bag were you going to buy?

Laura: That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was originally priced at $500.

Me: My goodness.

Laura: So I would have saved $300 if I’d bought it.

Me: No. You would have spent $200 if you’d bought it.

Laura: Think of it this way…. It was $500 to start.

Me: Yes.

Laura: And I would have spent $200.

Me: Right.

Laura: So by not buying it I actually lost out on $100 in incremental value.

Me: That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Laura: I know it’s a stretch, but was a really great bag.

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