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Bucktails and Bass

For longer than I can remember I have loved to fish.

Big or small, tasty or trashy, from boats or shore, in rivers, lakes, streams and ponds, I have always loved to fish. That said, one type of fishing I never got into is fly fishing. It just never really held much appeal. However, I am a patient, artistic, creative guy and there’s one element related to fly fishing that I’ve always wanted to try – tying flies. Well, it doesn’t make much sense to tie delicate little flies and to not have the proper equipment to fish with them, so last Sunday I did the next best thing – I tied a couple dozen weighted jigs.

I’ve been thinking about toying with jig-tying for a while, I even saved the tail from the deer I shot last fall. That bucktail, combined with some other fur, feathers, tinsel, hooks and thread that I had laying around made up the components for an afternoon of applicable artistry.

This weekend I’m going to float the canoe in a local pond where the bass are numerous and delightfully gullible.

I can hardly wait to transform a hook with some deer hair into a frightened minnow, a tap on my line, a zip of drag and a sandpapery thumb.




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