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Back in the Saddle Again

Biking is a love hate relationship between the body, the bike and the road. The more you do it, the more you love it. But every season, it stinks to start.

Ride #1

My Body: Quit, quit, quit. This is awful. The agony of pushing those pedals. Legs hurt, back hurts, lungs hurt. Dry mouth, dizzy, burning. Quit, quit, quit.

Ride #2

My Body: That hill wasn’t so bad. The saddle-soar tush is loosening up. We’re doing great. The open road, the birds chirping, the wind in our hair – that fifteen miles wasn’t so bad, maybe we could go another fifteen more.

Mile sixteen just kicked our saddle-soar tush.

How far back to the parking lot?

Ride #3

My Body: Third time is a charm. The hurt feels good. With the wind at our back and a nice, easy 16 mph clip we can do this for hours.

And we do.

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