© 2013 Aaron Atkinson

Strolling Swine

As I was mowing the lawn tonight I saw something incredible. A young girl and her Dad we walking towards me on the sidewalk. They weren’t alone. There was a beast on a leash walking with them.

I stopped the mower and smiled at the girl.

Me: That’s the strangest looking dog I’ve ever seen.

Girl: It’s not a dog, it’s my new pig!

Me: Well in that case, that’s the most beautiful pig I’ve ever seen.

No joke. Walking on a dainty pink leash connected to a tiny pink and sparkly collar was a tiny, grey and pink piglet no larger than my shoe. It’s little, three inch long legs were a blur as it hurried to keep pace with it’s owners.

It was on a leash, on the sidewalk, walking behind its owners. I still think it’s the strangest looking dog I’ve ever seen.


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