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Skinny Louise

At brunch with my Mom’s family. My cousin’s six year old daughter is hugging her orange and cream colored stuffed cat. She’s telling us about the stray cat she keeps at home.

Brooke: I have a kitty at home.

Laura: Oh yeah. What’s her name?

Brooke: Her name is Skinny Louise.

Laura: Skinny Louise? That’s a great name!

Brooke: Yeah. She had worms and lost a lot of weight.

Laura: Oh no.

Brooke: It’s okay though. We put her on medicine. When we first got her she was fat. We also thought she was a boy.

Laura: Oh yeah?

Brooke: Yep. Back then we called her Fat Louie. But when she lost the weight and and we found out she was a girl we changed her name.

The table had a good laugh.

Uncle Bill: You’ve met our cat at home, right?

Brooke: Yes.

Uncle Bill: Her name is Spike. When we got her we thought she was a boy. We didn’t change her name though.

Me: I’ve met Spike. She’s a grumpy piece of work. The name fits.

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