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Horns of Deceit

We were in a team meeting last week at work. We starting talking about television shows…

Me: I can’t believe that you and your husband watch the Bachelorette together.

Female Coworker: Well I can’t believe you watch fishing and hunting shows on television.

Me: Well I do. And I like them.

FCW: Every now and then I’ll catch my husband watching a turkey hunting show.

Me: A man after my own heart.

FCW: And every time I tell him to quit watching that turkey porn!

Me: Turkey porn?

FCW: Yep. Guys in camo. Sneaking around in the woods. Trying to bring in the male turkeys by blowing on their horns of deceit.

Me: Horns of deceit? You mean turkey calls?

FCW: Nope. I mean horns of deceit.

Me:¬†For what it’s worth, it seems to me that I’ve seen some Bachelorette’s with their own horns of deceit.


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