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As we stepped foot into the weedy ditch a tightly grouped covey of 15 quail buzzed up from the yellowed, Autumn grass. Scott fired once and two of the fat little Bobwhites fell at the shot.

That’s the only time I’ve ever seen one shot take down multiple birds.

This past Saturday, Tim was hunting for blue-winged teal in one of his favorite early season duck marshes. Teal are tiny ducks and they fly fast and low. They also fly in tight, little, maneuverable flocks. When a group of 15 teal took the bait was about to land in his decoy’s, Tim sat up from his prone position, picked the bird closest to the water squeezed off a round of no. 6 steel shot.

At the rapport of his Remington 870 the flock scattered with miniature wings clawing for altitude and speed. Tim racked another load into the chamber and was about to fire when something unusual caught the corner of his eye.

Where there should have been one teal laying dead on the water, there wasn’t.

Instead there were five.

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