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A Girl’s Best Friend

I always like it when I bump into witty strangers. Take, for example, the woman in front of me in line at the security check point in the Philadelphia airport. I couldn’t help but to notice that she was wearing a ring with the biggest diamond I think I’ve ever seen.

Me: I sure am glad that my wife isn’t here to see your ring. It’s beautiful. One look at that and I think she’d start dropping not-so-sublte hints about an upgrade.

Ring Lady: Thanks. I think it’s my husband’s no-so-subtle way of saying sorry for traveling all the time.

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  1. Laura
    Posted October 7, 2013 at 12:30 am | #

    I think I did alright in the ring arena…no complaints here! (Band negotiations can continue when we add a bambino 😉 )

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