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No Way, Blue Jays

One of my best buddies from Graceland used to be a big baseball card collector. A couple of years ago his entire collection was stolen from the storage locker in his condo. He used a portion of the insurance money to buy back a few thousand cards.

As he organized his brand new collection, he stacked up the duplicates into a pile. He then organized that pile by team.

A couple of weeks ago a small brown package arrived in my mailbox. I opened it up and inside there were thirty or forty baseball cards featuring players from my favorite team – the Toronto Blue Jays.

It was a really nice gesture. It was also fun to take a few nostalgic minutes to flip through the small stack of cards. But that fun was mixed up with equal parts of depression. With all of these no-name players, it’s no wonder the Jays haven’t made the playoffs in more than two decades!

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