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Falling Back

I recently discovered the recipe for the perfect night’s sleep…

It starts with a Saturday night and a comfortable bed – king size with a down comforter and freshly washed sheets.

Temperature is critical. Sixty three degrees with a gentle fall breeze rustling through the trees is perfect.

24 hours earlier, the foundation for a great sleep is established knee-deep in a duck marsh, followed by four hours of sleepless tossing and turning in the back of a Ford Escape.

Leading up to the slumber, an evening of fancy cheeses, a few sips of red wine, a dozen great friends and a smoky bonfire under the starry sky sets the mood.

A quick pre-bedtime steam in the shower soothes a day of achy muscles.

And then to top all off, change the nightstand clock from 12:03 to 11:03 and don’t set an alarm, knowing fully well that you’ll make it to church even with a hefty sleep-in.

As you flick off the lamp and close your eyes, think about the perfect mix of ingredients in this recipe and just try not to grin with pleasure as you drift off to dreamland.

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