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Roach Hunting

Much of the setup for a public land duck hunt occurs well in advance of dawn under the starry night sky. Once the decoys are set and the blinds are laid out it’s time to huddle in and wait for morning. During a long wait on public duck marsh it’s not uncommon to see the headlamps of other hunters approaching our already occupied position. A couple of flicks of light from our lamps generally persuade them to look for another corner of the marsh.

This past weekend we got in early and set up shop for the duck hunting opener. No less than a half dozen groups of other hunters took runs at our spot and were turned away by our flashing lights. After playing this out yet again, I whispered to my hunting partner, “These duck hunters are everywhere – like a bunch of cockroaches!”

To which he responded, “Yeah, but fortunately they’ve got something else in common with cockroaches – flick on a light and they tend scatter.”

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  1. Gunner
    Posted December 15, 2013 at 3:37 am | #

    Duck, Duck, ….Goose

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