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Details, Details

Laura and I bought a new car. Now it’s time to sell my old one. The first step in the sales process is to get it detailed. There are seven seasons worth of western Kansas dust and pheasant feathers in the Ford Escape, and Laura bought a Groupon for a mom-and-pop shop in Olathe who is going to get it squeaky clean. We went to drop it off this evening and I couldn’t help but to notice that the owner is a little goofy. Laura noticed too.

Me: He’s nice enough, but he may have a couple of screws loose.

Laura: You would too if you breathed in detailing chemicals for the last 25 years.

Me: Good point. I suppose I failed to consider that detail detail.

Laura: Detail detail?

Me: Good one, hey.

Laura: You may have been in the shop a little too long, too.

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