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Fully Covered

The other day at work, we had a wear your company shirt day. While green is our official corporate color, there are many different colored shirts in circulation.

I’m wearing my orange shirt. The manager who offices next to me is wearing a blue one. One of our sales reps walks in, stops in the hallway between our offices, looks at me, looks at him and with a disappointed look says…

Pat: You guys didn’t wear your corporate colors!

Me: Yes I did. This is my orange corporate shirt.

Denny: I did too. Mine’s just blue. I wore it because it’s also wear blue for colorectal cancer awareness day.

Pat: Is it?

Denny: Yep.

She looks down at her outfit. 

Pat: Since I’m wearing a green shirt and blue jeans, I guess you could say that no matter which day we’re recognizing, I’m fully covered.

A voice chimes in from the other side of the cubicle wall. 

Jim: Fully covered… I should hope so.

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